Toronto New Wave (TNW) is an independent short film, music & VR festival hosted annually in downtown Toronto. Curated by active filmmakers, the new wave represents the work of young, emerging artists of the highest caliber.


Our Story

Summer, 2017

We, the 3 co-founders of Labyrinth Media were finishing up our recent short films.
After emptying our bank accounts on production and pulling countless all-nighters, we were exhausted, but nonetheless, eager to show our work on a big screen.

There was just one problem.

We could either wait to debut our creations…
Or we could rent out a theatre and showcase them ourselves.


We went with the latter.


Realizing that many of our friends and local filmmakers needed a similar platform we extended the invitation to the public.

We received over 1000 submissions.

Being overwhelmed and humbled by the response, we decided to forego showing our own films and made it a night dedicated to the creative community.

We reached out to local musicians and gave them the second half of the night to display their work.

What started off as a vanity project, ended up as a platform for independent and emerging talent in the community.



Coming soon...



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