2019 film LINEUP



Make Me Move Music Video (dir. Kevin Ramroop)

A man becomes kin to mannequin as he traipses around downtown Toronto, exploring the tumultuous nature of a relationship that one offers all of themselves for.

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"2020" AcentOh Official Music Video & Short (dir. Paloma Valenzuela)

AcentOh is an independent Dominican artist and rapper. This is the Official Music video for his song "2020".

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Baby Blue (dir. Alina Kulesh)

Kane is caught off guard when Reese says "I love you", forcing the couple to explore their own definitions of love, time, and monogamy. Quickly discovering that they have polar views, they break apart and come together, push and reach, while learning the thin line between compromise and self-sacrifice.

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Punishment (dir. Jalal Veisi)

A soldier stationed in the archives of the garrison in Iran, falls in love with a woman across the courtyard.

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Biidaaban (dir. Amanda Strong)

Accompanied by a 10,000-year-old shapeshifting friend known as Sabe, Biidaaban sets out on a mission to reclaim the ceremonial harvesting of sap from maple trees in an unwelcoming suburban Ontario neighborhood. Driven by the words of Anishinaabe writer Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, Amanda Strong’s mesmerizing stop motion animation weaves together multiple worlds through time and space, calling for a rebellion.

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Terminal Clouds (dir. David Trotter)

Worker by day, dreamer by night. A melancholy student finds his schedule unexpectedly distracted by a small blue box.

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Even In the Silence (dir. Jon Elliott)

Tsi Teyoto:te (Even in the Silence) is an experimental film told entirely in Kanien'keha (Mohawk language) that examines the impacts of underage drinking in Indigenous communities and the struggle to overcome grief and past traumas through culture, traditional practices and self-healing. 


Take Me to Prom (dir. Andrew Moir)

In making this film, I want to encourage the viewer to look at a traditionally heterosexual milestone through a queer lens, spanning multiple generations. Making this documentary showed me that many queer youth have been living full lives being themselves for much longer than I had imagined. I found the resilience in the subjects incredibly inspiring.



CATL – I’m On (dir. Sally Cinnamon)

Music video for psychobilly/blues twopiece CATL'S "I'm On". Featuring Luxotica Lounge Cabaret's Gurl Haggard and Vivacious Miss Audacious, as well as magician Johnny Mage. It's a surreal odyssey into the memory of an acid trip, filmed using digital video and super8mm film. Processing by Pro8mm lab in Burbank, California. Directed by Sally Cinnamon. Innovating the combination of analog film and digital aspect ratios, this song and video pay homage to teenage memories: how by being alive, and remembering being alive, you are in two places at once.


Wild (dir. Morgana McKenzie)

It’s the summer of 1937. Something is living in the corn field. Young Ida doesn’t know what it is, but it seems to understand her better than anyone else on her uncle’s farm.

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the city of honey (dir. Moein Ruholamini)

Children dream and reality attacks them.

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A Celebration (dir. Mahsa Razavi)

A Celebration is a short drama about 8-year-old Ada living with her newly immigrated mother in Toronto. Ada tries to convince her newly immigrated mother to celebrate Thanksgiving by cooking a turkey. This is also the story of a young girl’s struggle to dissociate herself from the protecting identity of her mother in order to recreate her identity in a land other than her motherland.

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Les Demoiselles (dir. Mia Shelton)

This film is about a young girl who breaks the cycle of abuse, particularly the cycle of sex trafficking.

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u really hurt me (dir. Callahan Bracken)

Passivity is a burden. Following a boy as he fails to communicate with the world around him, "u really hurt me" is an exploration of this misguided healing in a surreal, animated self portrait.


My Brother’s Rifle (dir. Adam King)

My Brother's Rifle is an exploration of the lengths one will go to protect and preserve their faith.