Founded in 2017, Toronto New Wave is a not-for-profit organization with the aim of cultivating Toronto’s emerging arts scene through an annual summer festival event and year-round content development.

The festival showcases the best work from emerging filmmakers, musicians, and interactive media artists (VR, AR, etc.), as well as select international pieces, and caters to the increasingly diverse audiences in Toronto.

The organization also pushes to promote local artists outside of the main festival event through regular content such as blog posts and video pieces.

Some of the team last year during a photo shoot at Astrolab Studios (one of our major sponsors in 2018)

Some of the team last year during a photo shoot at Astrolab Studios (one of our major sponsors in 2018)

Toronto New Wave is looking for a passionate team of executive members to help grow the organization as we approach larger funding in coming years.




Executive Director

The Executive Director oversees all operations of the organization, with respect to the main festival event and beyond, and reports directly to the Board of Directors.

Festival Director

The Festival Director oversees and fulfills the execution of the annual festival event and coordinates all logistical and staffing needs.

Head Programmer

The Head Programmer leads the Festival’s programming to ensure Toronto New Wave’s mission and culture is accurately represented.

Creative Director

The Creative Director oversees the overall brand and image of Toronto New Wave.

Financial Director

The Financial Director is responsible for the financial planning and execution of 2019 season’s overall budget.



  • Film Programmer

  • Music Programmer

  • VR & Interactive Media Programmer

  • Marketing & Promotions Director

  • Sponsorships Coordinator

  • Social Media Coordinator

  • Head of Sales

  • Content Creators/Producers

  • Video Editors

  • Graphic Designers

  • PR Coordinator

Please leave your name, contact info and the name of positions you’re interested in below! We’re always looking for new volunteers in different capacities so if you’d like to get involved in a capacity not mentioned in above list, feel free to suggest it to us!

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