AstroLab Studios is Downtown Toronto’s only soundstage studio created specifically for short-form content production. Located on the lot of Revival Film Studios Toronto (where shows including Schitt’s Creek and American Gods are filmed), our studios are super easy to book, available for as little as half a day, fully soundproofed, and include free parking. Our on-site lighting and equipment rentals make it possible for you to have an idea in the morning and be shooting it in the afternoon.



Canada Film Equipment Rental is here to satisfy all your video production rental needs for cinema camera, DSLR camera, camera support, accessories, lenses, lens support, lighting, grip and stabilization system.

They work hard to make sure that renting equipment for your shoot is swift, trouble-free and reliable. They attempt to make renting camera equipment from them the best rental experience possible.



Madwharf is a Creative Digital Marketing agency, and provide clients with creative direction and digital marketing.



Art Gate VR is a virtual reality platform for museum and gallery exhibitions.

Art Gate VR Award: $1,200USD credit on the Art Gate VR platform for a virtual reality exhibition space. This is for a 10 artwork solo show to be on exhibition for 12 months in Art Gate VR. Preview of Art Gate VR exhibition spaces: https://youtu.be/ffC-Kse3yJE


The House of VR team brings virtual worlds to you. By fusing the digital with the analog, we are broadening our reach in the Immersive Entertainment industry while continuing to provide unique and innovative experiences.

From parties to brand activations, schools to exhibitions, House of VR designs real-world setups to bring to life mind-blowing VR experiences for your event.



Trinity Square Video is a space to re-imagine media art.

Trinity Square Video's V/Art Projects carry a gallery of 8 award-winning artists' VR work in your pocket. Available in iOS or Android. Compatible with Google Cardboard.




Charles Street Video (CSV) is a non-profit production organization established in 1981 to help support media artists.



The Toronto New Wave VR is presented in collaboration with Radiance VR: The international research platform for VR experiences in Visual Arts.

The following artists are represented by Radiance: Martina Menegon, Torsten Hink, The Swan Collective, Ora Ruven, Paul Herz, Christopher Manzione w/ Seth Cluett, Marc Lee)



The Future of Film Show is a group of young Toronto filmmakers who seek to diversify the industry, and bring to light the work and extreme talent of young people just starting out. We are a film festival operating under a not-for-profit mandate, screening films from Canadian filmmakers across Canada aged 40 and younger, or who attend a college or university in Canada

“FOFS is committed to fostering the future of emerging talent across Canada. We ensure a platform for the inspiring community of filmmakers here, to be viewed and celebrated by an audience as unique as they are."



The Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT) is an artist-run charitable organization dedicated to facilitating excellence in the moving image through media arts education and production resources. LIFT exists to provide support and encouragement for independent filmmakers and artists through affordable access to production, post-production and exhibition equipment; professional and creative development; workshops and courses; commissioning and exhibitions; artist-residencies; and a variety of other services. Founded in 1981 by a small collective, LIFT has since grown to become one of the foremost centres of its kind globally.





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